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We who live in Turku tend to ponder some things. Sometimes perhaps even a bit too much...
Here are my current opinions about our beloved Turku related so called never ending stories.

Traffic Center?
Definately yes. Bringing both long haul trains and buses under the same roof – with sufficient parking space – would bring modern day synergies and competitiveness to whole city. Just a quick walk through of Kamppi Mall at center of Helsinki proves the point. Except they forgot to include trains from the underground travel hub. The most natural location would be around current bus terminal, it’s located close to city centre, harbour as well as in the cross roads of connecting highways to Tampere, Helsinki and Pori. Kupittaa would be alternative but re-routing Tampere track there can be difficult.  

One-hour train to Helsinki?
Definately yes. Like many of us, I as well have commuted few years on my career between Turku and Helsinki. Therefore, I know that every minute, not to mention a whole hour, that we can save from travel time – multiplied by all of us who commutes - would be soaring our productivity and work-life balance to whole new level. 

Parking under the marketplace?
Some say it’s useless, some say it spoils the business on market place, some feel it’s too expensive and some are just suspicious about the driving forces behind the initiative. In my mind, this is just another building project, exept with the floors going to the opposite direction. It’s not a doomsday machine they’re building. Our marketplace requires desparately renowation on the surface anyway and little bit of extra parking space wouldn’t harm the Turku down town traction. So if on top of this it’s payed by private investors, they have my go-ahead.

Tower buildings?
Turku is city big enough to cater land for many types of architecture. I’m not particulary a fan of high-rise buildings, but for sure we could have few of those. At the moment there is no open view points to city sky line and e.g. hill of Kakola (where the prison used to be) would support this as a tourism scenery point towards city and archipelago. Yet again good example of what private funding can do for our home town. And of course this goes without saying, good taste must be applied already at the drawing board.

Amusement park?
I’m a strong supporter of the idea from coalition party Niko Aaltonen, who proposed this last year. The people of Turku s deserve a common place to have fun and relax. And not only it would be fun for us it would attract more tourism into the city. So like with the tram, this is not only about boosting our self esteem, but financial aspects as well. Park of Kupittaa is already a great place for children and families, but we have room for more. Done into right place and right way, this would definitely improve our attractiveness as a go-to-location. 

Tramcar system?
I believe that clean nature is our benefit but for most our responsibility. What I’m not sure about, is that should we in the 21st century solve it with the medicine from 1800’s in the city of our size. I’m not against the tram, but would really like to see all the options as well before decision, which should not be based on nostalgic dreams of self esteem competition with other towns. Perhaps electric nusses would do the same trick and offer more flexibility and availability for all of us?

A new bridge over to Hirvensalo?
To be honest, I do not have a clear stand on this one. I’m not familiar enough to give solid and binary answer. However I see Hirvensalo as a great growth platform for Turku and therefore it needs to have sufficient infrastructure for traffic. This could be done with a tunnel as well to secure scenery, though it’s not a big issue this time. A city is supposed to have visible structures. Having that said, professional architecture should be able to provide solution here as well.

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