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Kimmo Kajander

Hi There! I am Kimmo, a 42 year old resident of Turku in 3rd generation, a father of two, a husband and a lawyer working in Attorneys at Law Lukander Ruhola HTO. I am running for the city counsel because I want to make Turku even better for families and enterprises, thus a better place for us all. Turku needs more action and less so called never ending stories!

My other education, master of science majoring in IT (incl. economics, mathematics) makes me someone who is enthusiastic also about genuine digitalisation of the society. My career is strongly marked by internationality and law. I used to work several years in executive and expert roles in a global enterprice. The laws and realities of entrepreneurship are very familiar to me. My dad used to run several small businesses and my work experience involves mainly business related tasks. Please find more details about my carreer in LinkedIn.

The center of my life and at the same time my favorite entertainment is my family. In addition, I spend my time among my hobbies, which include sports, nature, outdooe activities and music. History, in particular one related to my home town, has also always facinated me, as well with natural sciences. Currently my spare-time is spent, along with Turku related matters, within my kids hobbies and in nature. When I was younger I used to work as seasonal labour in my uncle's farm in Kustavi. Only some time ago I spent my free time building a house, with the priceless help of friends and building professionals. More about me and the campaing in Facebook (in Finnish).

I have always been very interested in politics and followed it up closely. My professional career has lasted for 15 years, however, in politics I have spent only 4 years, still being one of the newer kids in town when it comes to politics. My strong belief is that these two facts will bring additional value to my voters with regards to handling our common affairs. During my career I have worked in several different teams whose task was to set-up complicated systems and organisations, sometimes with very much crossing interests. One of my characteristics is that I am analytical, but I really love to pull up my sleeves whenever possible. Durin current electoral term I have enjoyed the opportunity to cooperate cross-parties with more and less experienced builders of Turku.


Name & Age:
Kimmo Kajander, 42

Close to my heart:
Education, internationality, sports, family, digitalisation, enterprises

2 kids and wife

Master of Laws, Master of Science (IT, incl. economics, mathematics), University of Turku

Referendary/Assistant judge, Turku Court of Appeal

Lawyer, Attorneys at Law Lukander Ruohola HTO
Several managerial and specialist positions, Cargotec Oyj

Military rank:
Reserve ensign (aliluutnantti)

Why munincipal politics?

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good wo/men to do nothing.” The Dramatic quote from E.burke refers also to everyday themes. General activity and business is always better than just watching and waiting. If the sincere citizens do nothing, then who shall? National politics often raise smashing headlines, however, munincipal politics affect the lives of you and me much more concretely. You can also help in this project, first by voting, later by active communication. That's why munincipal politics.

Why the party Kokoomus?

Taking care of common affairs is team work. Most political parties have several good ingredients and features. On the other hand, every party has room for improvement. To me, Kokoomus represents the idea of hard work, activity, wellbeing and equality, for which Kokoomus also offers a solid and plausible economical model. That's why Kokoomus.

Why Kimmo?

Taking care of common affairs reguires also individuals. We all have the opportunity to affect on what kind of values our party emphasizes. My values include objectivity, individualism, being open, equality and hard work. I have a versatile education, a wide array of working experience, will to develop the city and most of all a heart full of Turku. I'm runnig for the first time, but I have an extremely talented and enthusiastic team to support me, a firm belief in my cause and a sincere and genuine will to be elected to City counsel. That's why Kimmo!

My political platform?

I believe that Turku is the best place in the world, and in to keep it best, we must focus on right subjects:

- Without a working and appropriate fit-for-purpose educational path and internationality our city and its business community cannot succeed and flourish
- The wellbeing of residents and also the reputation and brand of Turku depend on a living sport and exercise culture
- Turku has a strong innovation sector, and we need to sustain its lifeforce by exploring the opportunities that lie for example in digitalisation
Our city must be attractive and great for us ordinary people, for which reason the wellbeing of families is the key, that may be turned in addition to already mentioned by city planning, traffic solutions, environment and childhood education.

Surf on to my more specific political themes!

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